mandag 1. november 2010

PYMATHON - Ruptured In Hyperborea C60

Pymathon - Ruptured In Hyperborea C60 - TWR Tapes 2010

A1 Perverted Remains
A2 Abdominal Perforation
A3 Premature Stench Of Suffocation
A4 Surgical Dementia (Cut)
B1 Putrefacting Tormentor
B2 Mutilated In Putrid Devastation
B3 Abruptly Decomposed

Two sides of putrefied finnish thrash noise which will make your speakers rot. Recorded live at the tundra of Northern Finland after excessive intake of local alcoholic beverages. Featuring the talent of Tommi Keränen, hot on the heels of his "Bats in the Attic" CD.

ppd within europe: 7 US $
ppd to elsewhere: 10 US $

Make payment to paypal: mail (at) lassemarhaug (dot) no

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